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Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

                         Pencilled Chocolate Palm


The Pencilled Chocolate Palm has a palm pattern with the added feature of unusual vertical swirly patterns running all throughout their feathers. They range from just a brown and white version to a medium rusty brown red tri-color with this pattern.

Genotype is b'b' cgcg ee nn pnpn (brown & white version)  or                 b'b' cgcg ee nn pnpn Rr (tri-color version)

 They are black winged bronze based with gray, brown, narragansett, pencilling and with or without a red gene(s).  They breed 100% true to the pencilled pattern, occasionally producing a red version as well which will be a "Pencilled Red Palm"Genotype of b'b' cgcg ee nn pnpn rr



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